Aerobic Exercise And Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise is a way to lose weight, have a fit body and become a healthy person.

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a long-term physical exercise that provides oxygen to the body.

How do aerobic exercises work?

There are many benefits to health and well-being that you get from Aerobic exercises like:

  • Increase energy level
  • Stress decreases and mental health improves (due to the release of endothelin in the brain).
  • Optimize heart and lungs.
  • Lower blood pressure reduce the risk of cerebrovascular disease.

Does aerobic exercise help lose weight?

Weight will disappear by burning more calories than you eat. Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories. For example, 30 minutes of jogging can burn about 300 calories. Track your calories and if you burn more than you eat then you will lose weight faster.

Aerobic Exercise : At Home

No need to go to the gym or go out in the summer. You can do aerobic exercises at your own home. Aerobic exercise at home is a cheaper option than an expensive gym.  Buy an aerobic dance CD or download one on your phone or ipod & dance to it.

There are also many aerobic exercises that you can do at home, such as jump rope, or play console games that use the body to control. Choose a game that focuses on physical exercises.

Aerobic Exercise : Outdoor

Even though we do aerobic exercises at home that is not the only option. You can join friends or people in the community.  Don’t get bored or choose to exercise outdoors alone, get a running or cycling partner and keep each other motivated.

The true benefits of aerobic exercise come from continuous movement.

Aerobic Exercise : In Gym (Fitness)

Working out at a gym is another choice. There are many exercise machines like exercise bikes, treadmills or ellipticals.  You can also take part in an aerobics activity in bigger gyms that have a swimming pool. Swimming is great for aerobic exercise. It is also suitable for people with injuries or muscle problems.

How often should I do aerobic exercise?

Note: Consult with your doctor for workout advice.  I typically try to do aerobic exercises 3 – 5 times a week, about 30-60 minutes each time.  What is important to make sure that your heart and lungs working hard enough and long enough to benefit from aerobic exercise, but not so long as the risk of injury.  Make sure you are exercising at the correct concentration.

It is important that you start slowly and gradually increase your weight for a few weeks until you feel comfortable.  Becoming healthy is a long-term strategy so work with your doctor and take your time on your journey to a healthier you.