Cardio Workout


Cardio exercise is the exercise that makes our heart beat faster. An aerobic activity that makes your heartrate increase can help burn calories as well.

In general Cardiovascular exercise is divided into 3 major types.

 1. Low Intensity Cardio – The target heart rate (THR) is 55% – 65%. It will help burn fat to lose weight without losing muscle.

2. Medium Intensity – The target heart rate (THR) is 65% – 75%. Helps reduce weight as well. The body uses more carbohydrate energy than the low-density cardio.

3. High Intensity Cardio – Heart rate (THR) goal is 75% – 85%. This high-intensity cardio uses a lot of energy. Most of it is not from fat, but it also helps to lose weight as well. This high concentration cardio will stimulate the metabolism of our body. When your body uses energy continuously, it is beneficial to lose weight, reduce fat, and it has the effect of losing a lot of muscle if the cardio concentration is too high.

4. High-Intensity Cardioid with Extra High Intensity – The target heart rate (THR) is 90% – 95% or more, until almost 100% of the cardio. This is very difficult. The results in a short time is from 4 to 15 minutes, because our body will not be able to have time to rest.

Cardio exercises have a good effect on weight loss and also have a beneficial effect on the heart.